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Lyrics Chord: Jason Aldean – When She Says Baby

Intro: Am G F x2 Verse: Am G F Somedays it’s tough just gettin’ up Am G F Throwin’ on these boots and makin’ that climb Am G F Somedays I’d rather be a no show lay low Am G F Before I got outta my mind. Chorus: Am G F But when she say … Continue reading

lyrics Chord: Michael Buble – Its A Beautiful Day

[Intro]: |C—|C—|G—|G7—| [Verse 1] C G Am I don’t know why you think that you could hold me F C When you couldn’t get by by yourself G Am F C And I don’t know who would ever want to tear the seam of someone’s dream G Am Baby, it’s fine, you said that we … Continue reading

Chord Lyrics: Jar Of Hearts – Christina Perri

Verse 1 Bm D I know I can’t take one more step towards you A Em ‘Cause all thats waiting is regret Bm D And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore A G You lost the love I loved the most Em D A I learned to live half a life Em D … Continue reading

Lyrics Chord: Florida Georgia Line – Dirt

(Intro) D G Bm7 G A (Verse 1) D You get your hands in it Plant your roots in it G Bm7 G A Dusty head lights dance with your boots in it (dirt) D You write her name on it Spin your tires on it G Build your corn field, whiskey Bm7 Bonfires on … Continue reading

Lyrics Chord: Jason Aldean – Burnin’ It Down

Intro: |(Bm)(G)|(D)(A)| x 2 You slip your (Bm)finger through the tear in my t-(G)shirt You stirrin’ up (D)dirty in the back of my (A)mind You keep on (Bm)flirtin’, ’cause you know that it’s (G)workin’ You stuck in my (D)head girl writing the (A)lines (Bm) Couldn’t sing this song without (G)you if I tried (D) Let’s … Continue reading

Lirik Chord: Sherina – Simfoni Hitam

Intro: Am F E Am (2x) Am F E Am malam sunyi ku impikanmu Am F E Am ku lukiskan kita bersama Am F E Am namun selalu aku bertanya F G E Am adakah aku di mimpimu Am F E Am di hatiku terukir namamu Am F E Am cinta rindu beradu satu Am … Continue reading

Lirik Chord: Ipang Lazuardi – Sekali lagi

Intro : C F C F C                                F Kalau saja aku masih punya kesempatan yang sama C                                    F Atau semua yang pernah terjadi bisa terulang lagi Am               G           F  Em Tapi ternyata kesempatan yg ada D           G Hanya sekali… C                                   F Saat ini masih kutunggu datangnya keajaiban C                                 F Yang mungkin saja bisa memberiku waktu satu kali lagi Am            G              F   Em Seandainya masih bisa kudapatkan D                 G Sekali lagi… satu kali lagi… Reff : C                  G          Am       Em Masih tertunda dan belum semua kukatakan F                 Em              Dm       G Biar kutunggu sampai kau kembali lagi di sini C                  G            Am          Em Harus kau dengar semua yg harus kau dengarkan F            G          C Isi hatiku yg belum kusampaikan F                                  G Ternyata tak semudah itu keinginan bisa terjadi Dm                                        G Tapi kuberharap semoga masih ada kesempatan sekali lagi … bak to Reff

Lyrics Chord: Coldplay – Midnight

NO CAPO F#/Bbsus4 or C#5? F#/Bbsus4 Ab F# In the darkness before the dawn F#/Bbsus4 Ab F# In the swirling of the storm Bbm7 C# F#6 When I’m rolling with the punches And hope is gone Ab F# Leave a light, a light on Bbm – F#/Bbsus4 F#/Bbsus4 Ab F# Millions are miles from home … Continue reading

Lyrics Chord: Usher – Good Kisser

CAPO on 3rd Fret Em 022000 A x02220 C x32010 G/B x2000x [Guitar Riff] e|——————-| B|——————-| G|–0—————-| *Repeat on Verse D|–2——-2——–| A|–2———2-0—-| E|–0————-3–| Em Make every minute worth it, baby Em This for Usher, baby (watch this) Em Em I done been around the world, I done kissed a lot of girls So I’m guessin’ … Continue reading

Lyrics Chord: Backstreet Boys – No One Else Comes Close

Author:Backstreet boys Tab by: Earl John D. Mission Email: If there is some correction of this song please email me. that is all. Have fun and i hope that you would like it. (Intro) D-Bm-G-A(2x) (Verse) D Bm G A When we turn out the lights the two of us a-lone together D Bm … Continue reading