Artist, Travis

Lyrics Chord: Travis – Sing

(Capo on 2nd fret)

The 2nd guitar is a banjo, but it sounds
Alright if you fingerpick the same chords
as guitar 1.


This is just to show you the pattern,
each chord is played about 8 times.
Em Am Em

Em Am
Baby you’ve been going so crazy
Lately nothing seems to be going right
Em Am
So low, why’d you have to get so low?
You’re so, You’ve been waiting in the sun too long

G D Am Am G
If you sing, siinnnggg, sing, sing, sing, sing
G D Am
For the love you bring wont mean a thing
Am G
Unless you sing, sing sing sing
Caught her, crying over your shoulder
Hold her, tell her everything’s gonna be fine
Surely, you’ve been going to hurry
Hurry, cause no ones gonna be stopped

Nah, nah, nah, nah
(Strum chorus chords x2)




( Verse chords )

Baby there’s something going on today
I Say, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
(Chorus) x2
End on G



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