Artist, George Benson

Lyrics Chord: George Benson – Tenderly

The evening E♭breeze caressed the B♭trees,
TenderE♭m7ly. A♭9
A♭9The trembling Fm7trees embrace the A♭mbreeze,
TenderE♭ly. Gm7 Fm7 E♭
Then A♭myou and B♭7I came A♭mwandering B♭7by
BdimAnd Cm7lost in sigh F7were B♭7we.

The shore was E♭kissed by sea and B♭mist,
A♭9I can’t forFm7get when two hearts A♭mmet,
BreathlessE♭ly. Gm7 Fm7 E♭

Your A♭marms opened B♭7wide,
BdimAnd Cm7closed me E♭min..F9side.
You F♯dimtook my E♭lips you Ctook my Fm7love,
So A♭mten..E7der..E♭ly.

(Repeat) #1.



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